Indian ‘hacker’ makes Google Glass copy for just $75

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Indian 'hacker' makes Google Glass copy for just $75 | GlassRoots.in
An Indian innovator claims to have built an augmented reality head-mounted display, a.k.a. Google Glass, for less than Rs4,500 ($74, Dh272) and in less than one month using open source hardware.

And not just build it, Arvind Sanjeev, Chief Inventor and Founder A.R.S. Devices, has also put the steps up on a blog DIY Hacking for anyone else who might be interested in making their own version.


Timex Smartwatch Goes Phone-Free

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Timex Smartwatch Goes Phone-Free | GlassRoots.in
Watch brand Timex introduced a phone-free smartwatch Wednesday, the company announced in a statement.

Called the Ironman One GPS+, the 3G-connected device’s standout quality is its ability to connects to apps on its own, rather than syncing with a smartphone. The company is targeting users who use smartwatches for fitness-tracking, but don’t carry a phone and a watch at the same time.


HP Taps Fashion’s Elite to Create a Luxury Smartwatch With Gilt

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HP Taps Fashion's Elite to Create a Luxury Smartwatch With Gilt | GlassRoots.in
HP is partnering with Gilt, a designer retail site, to bring to market a luxury smartwatch. The two have tapped designer Michael Bastian to create the device, and judging from the first renderings, it’s going to be a beauty.

Similar to the much-lauded Moto 360, the Michael Bastian smartwatch features a round watch face, which is step No. 1 for any smartwatch that aims to be fashionable. Bastian also comes right out and decrees that this is a men’s watch (something many smartwatches already are by default) with such masculine accoutrements as a 44mm stainless steel case and inlaid button controls on the bezel.


Why I’m Already Giving Up on Android Wear

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Why I'm Already Giving Up on Android Wear | GlassRoots.in
Android Wear smartwatches are designed to provide “all-day” battery life; the device expects — in fact, depends upon — me to remember to recharge it every single night, or else it reverts to what I like to call bracelet mode.

This is why Android Wear stumbles so badly right out of the gate. Although it feels logical to expect users to simply mirror their nightly smartphone recharge habit with another gadget, as I’ve discovered, that’s a wrongheaded assumption.


We are all Glassholes now

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We are all Glassholes now | GlassRoots.in
2013 was the year of the Glasshole — the year that technology made one of its most violent entries into our personal lives at bars, restaurants, workplaces, and homes. Public backlash stemmed from concerns about Glass’ clandestine camera, and about fears of being documented publicly without consent. But really, Glass isn’t much different from the cameras we already use. It’s just the most obvious manifestation of our obsession with documentation, the most logical scapegoat for a much larger trend: we’re addicted to recording our lives, and shunning Glass isn’t going to change that.